The Beans

Peruvian Norandino 

The Peruvian Norandino is our medium roast bean which demonstrates an ample yet gentle body with a very mild, fruity and near apple-like taste. The beans come from the Central Fronteriza del Norte Cafetaleros organization located in the lush mountains of Perus Northerly Cajamarca  and San Ignacio provinces. 


Ethiopia Sidama 

Ethiopia Sidama is the second bean in our trifecta blend that comes from Ethiopias's southerly, culturally distinctive Sidama Region. It's light bodied, medium roast with a smooth and almost tea-like clean finish. 



The third and final bean in the On The Grind blend comes from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. This particular bean is very unique in that it provides a full body in a medium roast with very low acidity. If brewed alone, one can pick up hints of cherry, leather, and tobacco.

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