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Peruvian Norandino

The Peruvian Norandino is our medium roast bean which demonstrates an ample yet gentle body with a very mild, fruity and near apple-like taste. The bean comes from the Central Fronteriza del Norte de Cafetaleros organization located in the lush mountains of Peru's northerly Cajamarca and San Ignacio provinces. They provide direct loans to members both for investment in equipment and for education, and have pioneered a hugely successful training program for young members in agronomy, processing, and the intricacies of cupping and quality control; graduates from the program manage sample plots in many communities, which demonstrate "best practices" in organic growing techniques and harvest procedures.

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Ethiopia Sidama

Ethiopia Sidama is the second bean in our trifecta blend that comes from Ethiopia's southerly, culturally distinctive Sidama Region. It'dslight bodied, medium roast with a smooth and almost tea-like clean finish. The Sidama Coffee Farmers' Cooperative (SCFCU) was founded in 2001 and represents over 86,000 farmers in the region. The SCFCU is an equal parts development organization and technical adviser, investing heavily up-front to improve the quality and consistency of its coffee. Their efforts and success has in turn directly funded the construction or roads, bridges and electric supply stations. On top of that, they have paid the educational expenses for thousands of Ethiopian children.

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The third and final bean in the On The Grind blend comes from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. This particular bean is very unique in that it provides a full body in a medium roast with very low acidity. If brewed alone one can pick up hints of cherry, leather and tobacco. The bean is produced a cooperative called Permata Gayo, which was founded in 2006 with only fifty members. The rugged, lush Gayo region of Sumatra produces some of the finest coffee in Indonesia. It has also been wracked by conflict and relentless natural disasters. The Permata Gayo coop originated as a way to foster organic coffee growing, which could in turn raise income in an area where coffee dominates the entire economy.